I am an Artist…

This poem is inspired by a poem written by Charles J Smith

I am an artist

a weaver of works

a painter who paints

splish-splash, splash-splish

my paintbrush glides

across the canvas

I am an artist

a sculptor of color

painting with my paintbrush

with a flick of a wrist

a brushstroke leaves the perfect picture

It’s been a long time…

Hello! Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve sat at my desk and written a blog post. Everyone is on spring break right now, so when I checked my dashboard it was completely empty. So, it didn’t really give me any inspiration for a real blog post. So I thought I could do a short blog post on why I haven’t been blogging. Basically, after the challenge, I wanted to take a break and give myself some time off from blogging. I first thought about just a few days and then blogging every week, but I don’t know. I got on the computer and started writing then I realized I already had a blog post on the same topic. I kind of started to feel like I was out of ideas. So, after taking a few weeks off, I am now ready to start blogging again. My plan is to blog every Tuesday and Thursday, but I’m still not confident if it’s the final plan. I will start blogging next week. Fingers crossed it’s going to work!

The Last Day…………

Today is the last day of the challenge. I was honestly looking forward to it, because it started to get relly hard to blog everyday, but now it’s over. I think I’m going to miss coming home from school running upstairs, grabbing the computer from my desk, and bouncing on my bed. I honestly don’t think the challenge was that hard for me, but there were a few days when I felt like I had no inspiration. It feels really sad because, of I don’t know why. I just loved coming home and sharing my thoughts and ideas. My plan is to blog every Tuesday and Thursday, for the rest of the year. And, hopefully next year as well. If you are sad that the blogging challenge ended comment below and let me know. Also, let me know if you competed in the blogging challenge as well.

I Dislike…..

I believe that I have done a blog post in the past about things I like. So, I thought that I would do one about things I dislike.

  1.  Brussel Sprouts
  2. Cranberries
  3. Morning alarms
  4. Low battery
  5. Dentist(not the orthodontist)
  6. Burnt food
  7. Cold Milk
  8. Speed bumps
  9. Auto Correct- it’s awesome but also very annoying
  10. And most importantly people that don’t pay attention when you are trying to talk to them

So, there was my blog post for the day, tune back into tomorrow’s blog post since it’s the last day of the Slice of Life Challenge!

Sacred Writing Time

At the very beginning of the year our English teacher Ms. Haseltine gave us notebooks that we could write in. I was so excited I had always been a sucker for using colored pens, and she said we could in our notebook. I remember thinking I could never think of things to write about everyday. After, a while I started to get the hang of it. I then eventually started looking forward to Sacred Writing Time, and constantly started thinking about what I could write about the next day. And now, I love Sacred Writing Time. So, there’s my story of Sacred Writing Time.

3 Random Words




I went around and asked my friends for 3 random words and I got decisive, deceased, and impossible. So, now I ‘m going to write a story that has these 3 words in it. I decided to write it like a journal entry.

Dear Journal,

I was walking around the house deciding on what college I wanted to go to. “You are so indecisive”, they would all say. I was after all only 17, what did they expect me to do start filing my taxes. If only my mother was here I’d think sometimes, she always knew how to make the most out of a situation, but now I was all alone, with a traveling dad that would never be here. “She’s deceased”, they would also say as if that was a better word than deceased. Making this decision will be impossible is all that goes through my head these days.

So, that was my blog post for the day! Thanks for reading! Bye!

4 More Days!!!!

There is only 4 days left of the blogging challenge can you believe it????? I’m actually really proud of myself that I made it this far! I thought I was going to quit after 4 days or something. But, I’ve actually made it this far! I’m sorry that this blog post is super short, but it’s almost 10 and I have to go to bed! Bye!

ABC List of Foods I Like…

This blog post was inspired by http://erms4marisa16.edublogs.org, you guys should go and check her blog out,  she has really interesting blog posts.

A- Apples

B-Blueberry Smoothie

C- Corn Muffins

D- Donuts

E- None that I can think of

F- French Fries

G- Grapes

H- Honeydew

I-  Ice Cream

J- Jelly(like in a PB&J Sandwich

K- Kit-Kat

L-  Lemon Tart

M- Macarons

N- Nutella(Hazelnut Spread)

O- Oatmeal Cookies

P-  Pasta

Q- None that I can think of

R-  Raisin’s

S- Strawberry Ice Cream

T-  Tiramisu

U- None that I can think of

V- Vanilla Pudding

W- Watermelon(aka favorite fruit of all time)

X- None that I can think of

Y- Yogurt

Z- None that I can think of

I’ sorry that I missed like 4, but I hope everyone had an amazing weekend-Nitya!


March 25th

The 3rd quarter is almost over can you believe it? I have so far managed to have all A’s, but I have 4 tests this week. That’s a lot to study for! And, I start to get really worried because you get one bad grade and the whole entire grade drops to a B. My goal is to make all A honor roll.  I really want to get all A’s this semester, so I really do hope I don’t mess this one up. So far, this quarter has been pretty easy, but you know how middle school is all of a sudden it could just throw a surprise at you.

It’s Friday!!!!

I absolutely love Fridays! You get through the whole week and it’s the final day before 2 days off. What’s not to love about Friday’s ?Today my mom said she would take me to go and see the movie beauty and the beast. I can’t wait. All of my friends have watched it, and I’m tired of reminding everyone not to spoil it. Even though, I know how it’s going to end. So, ya I’m very much looking forward to that, sacred writing time just ended. Bye!